September 26th, 2019

 We're proud to announce the upcoming release of 2 new singles in the coming months titled. 

 "The Other Side Of Me" and "Promise" 


Jhavali's music will be available on all digital platforms worldwide.Visit and follow her on Spotify where you can stay up to date,download and stream her current release.



         Press Release

(Atlanta, GA)


Up and coming on the music scene as an arranger composer, singer, and producer of her own music,

Jhavali currently has over 16 original r&b and jazz compositions in her catalog.

She is an active BMI member with much more music forthcoming.

Her latest release is entitled "Ooh-Woh-Ooh-Woh". Featuring Award-winning Pianist/Composer/Producer Bob Baldwin, who produced the track.

Jhavali is currently working on a solo  project called

(The Genre Project) which will include original r&b and jazz compositions.

 More music to come by Jhavali.