New Single "Tip's Groove" Available 10/16/20

Press Release

(Atlanta, GA)


Up and coming producer, arranger composer, singer, and songwriter Jhavali has done it again. This time with the upcoming release of her Smooth Jazz EP entitled




The EP features four HOT tracks that the smooth and contemporary jazz audience is sure to enjoy.


Her previous release  entitled "Ooh-Woh-Ooh-Woh". Featured Award-winning Pianist/Composer/Producer Bob Baldwin, who produced the track.

What makes this project so special to her is because she has worked hard for several years learning production and building her sound. Her concept was to learn by creating her own sounds from the ground up.


Most did not understand her concept  but when you listen to "Counterpart" you will then understand.

Now available on all Digital Outlets!


         Press Release

(Atlanta, GA)


Up and coming on the music scene as an arranger composer, singer, and producer of her own music,

Jhavali currently has over 16 original r&b and jazz compositions in her catalog.

She is an active BMI member with much more music forthcoming.

Her latest release is entitled "Ooh-Woh-Ooh-Woh". Featuring Award-winning Pianist/Composer/Producer Bob Baldwin, who produced the track.

Jhavali is currently working on a solo  project called

(The Genre Project) which will include original r&b and jazz compositions.

 More music to come by Jhavali.