Help  Support "Jhavali Music"

On September 18, 2017, Jhavali decided to embark on her musical journey and go full fledged with her musical endeavors as an Independent Artist. And  as you know this comes with expenses.

We're asking for your're support in this continuous project as there will always be expenses. As an Independent Artist/ Entrepreneur

Jhavali is getting ready to re-launch her online retail stop to help support expenses related to her musical projects.

How can you help?  By downloading her music and sharing the music when you can. All forms of contribution are greatly appreciated. All proceeds from the retail purchases will go towards the following music expenses below .

1). Co-Production/Mixing/Mastering
2).Various Musician Expenses( Label & Publishing Expenses)  (Studio Equipment etc...
3). CD Artwork Designs 
4). Licensing & Copyright Fees
5). Radio Promotion Expenses (Marketing &
6). Artist Development including production/ preparing for Local Performances/Touring
7). Photo Shoots

        We Value Your Support !